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A Water Trend Takeover

A Water Trend Takeover

July 30, 2021

Achieving a healthy lifestyle can seem daunting—after all, leafy greens and supplements aren’t for everyone, so switching up their drink of choice is proving to be a viable option. Improving your overall wellness doesn’t have to be a difficult undertaking, and it doesn’t have to entail a total eating habit makeover. It can be as simple as incorporating more creative water types into your daily life.

Over time, this consumer need for a unique twist on drinks has only gotten more creative, giving the industry reason to up the ante of what is being put on supermarket shelves.

Crazy for charcoal

Fancy a tall glass of black water? Bloggers and influencers love starting their day off with this eyebrow-raising liquid. Activated charcoal may seem relatively new to the health scene, but it’s actually a trend that dates back to ancient Greece. Used by Greek physician Hippocrates to cure various ailments, activated charcoal is something that has stuck around to deal with today’s health problems, including high cholesterol and toxins.

While drinking a plain glass of charcoal-infused water is your best bet to make the most of its health benefits, infusing it in other types of drinks is also common. Lemonade, lattes, and shakes have also made their way onto the activated charcoal market. So if you want to make your teeth a little brighter, cleanse your system of detrimental toxins, or try to prevent the signs of aging, charcoal water could provide these healing properties and more, when consumed in moderation.

Acclimate to alkaline

With higher pH levels than traditional filtered water (meaning a lower level of acidity), alkaline water can ward off health issues like headaches and digestive problems. For example, experts claim it helps with acid reflux because of its natural ability to fend off enzymes that contribute to this common digestive issue. Drinking alkaline water can also keep intense headaches at bay. Some brands have naturally higher pH levels—even though they are not necessarily branded as alkaline—so keep an eye out for this on labels.

Incorporating lower-pH water into your diet can provide other health benefits, including lowering your blood pressure and slowing cell degeneration. Because of the significant number of antioxidants found in alkaline, your immune system is also given a substantial boost. There’s nothing wrong with tap water—hydration is hydration—but alkaline water’s most well-known benefit is its ability to keep you hydrated for longer, due to how the molecules are bound, which allows your body to absorb the liquid more effectively.

Seize the sparkle

Sparkling water certainly isn’t new, but it is a trending product that isn’t letting up steam anytime soon. Flavors ranging from citrus and berry to ginger and vanilla keep people from reaching for an unhealthier carbonated beverage, such as soda. For avid soda drinkers who may not enjoy sipping on water throughout the day, sparkling water is a good alternative that can help keep hydration levels normal. With countless brands on the market vying for number one, there is an endless array to choose from—whether your decision depends on the level of carbonation you want, its mineral content, and of course, how environmentally friendly the brand is.

A refreshing substitute to a regular glass of H2O, water with a little bubbly can make all the difference. If you find yourself needing soda, juice, or other unhealthy drinks throughout the day, flavored sparkling water can ease you off of those alternatives. For those who suffer from motion sickness, the minerals in sparkling water can also reduce nausea and help in maintaining healthy blood sugar levels.

Cuckoo for coconut

Full of flavor, but not overpowering, coconut water may be the water trend for you to try. The health benefits include high potassium (more than can be found in the average banana) and metabolism-boosting properties. For those who exercise frequently, coconut water’s other nutrients and antioxidants make for a more well-rounded workout, and for those with a high risk of heart disease, the benefits of this drink can help improve heart health.

Coconut water has a subtle, sweet flavor and a range of positive elements that makes for one healthy glass. Whether you get it directly from the coconut or from a bottle at the grocery store (check the ingredient list on the latter to ensure you’re buying the purest kind), this water trend is sure to be around for the long haul.

We all need to consume water, but it doesn’t always have to be a flavorless glass of tap. The word “trendy” may be more synonymous with fashion or pop culture, but health-related products—particularly the foods and drinks we consume on a daily basis—can also be trending. No matter the health benefits you’re looking for, one of these water trends will surely deliver.

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