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Financial Planning

Discover your own path to pursue financial security, stress-free post-work years and confident estate building. At Legacy Consulting, your financial plan starts with an in-depth look at your goals and dreams and ends with a detailed plan crafted by an experienced financial advisor in Baltimore County. Start your journey today.

Services That Aim To Manage Risk and Grow Wealth

Our services strive to create financial confidence and plan for your specific retirement goals. We help you put your money to work with strategies that may include one or more of these objectives:

    1. Set a retirement schedule
    2. Find a spending goal
    3. Predictable and dependable growth 
    4. Create an efficient tax plan
    5. Review your current financial plan and make necessary adjustments

From a minor course correction to a complete retirement plan transformation, our team at Legacy Consulting puts your estate first. Discover the specific steps necessary to prepare for a successful retirement.

Our Financial Planning Process

Work with a team of advisors and our dependable process for financial preparations. These steps create an individualized plan for your particular situation and financial planning goals. It starts with a friendly conversation and ends with a personalized strategy being implemented and periodically reviewed by our experienced team.

Start Your Legacy Today

Put your investments to work with Legacy Consulting. Contact us today to learn more about our compassionate team and wealth-nurturing services.